In the Beginning.....

Interfaith Towers was a vision of concerned citizens, religious and non-profit organizations for the future welfare of the moderate to low income housing needs of senior citizens in Duchess County. After many years of hard work , this dream came true and the first resident moved into the building on November 22, 1974.


Early in 1965 - City of Poughkeepsie officials met with US Dept of Housing to discuss moderately low rental housing for area elderly persons.

September 9, 1965 - Duchess Senior Citizens Housing was Incorporated

February 24 1966 - The Board Directors chose a site of 1.76 acres bounded by Mansion & Washington St.

November 15, 1967 - The US Department of Housing &
Urban Development declared that in order to obtain a loan the project must consist of religious and non-profit organizations.

December 1968 - Five religious organizations became sponsors.

June 23, 1969 - Fourteen of the fifteen sponsors were on board.

Later in 1969 - The last sponsor joined the effort.

November 9, 1972 - Construction was started at a cost of $3,243,000.00.

June 9, 1974 - Cornerstone laying Ceremony, many county and city dignitaries were on hand..

November 22, 1974 - The first resident moved into a apartment on the 5th floor .

  Over the 30 years , many wonderful folks have made Interfaith Towers their home. It is our firm commitment to continue to provide, the quality of life so richly deserved by our residents.





66 Washington St.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


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